More Social Less Media Program

"I felt more connected to my family, particularly my 5 year old son. It seemed like I had more time in the day, too. I definitely felt free, like there was all this open space I'd not noticed before."
MSLM Program Member

Get More Social 

Digital detoxes can be helpful, but they don’t teach you how to be human in a modern world.
Just how to run away from it.
More Social Less Media is a 4-week program designed to help you change your relationship with media and technology to create more meaningful social interactions.
You’ll learn how to set new boundaries with technology and practice prosocial behaviors in real life.
Technology and media aren’t going anywhere.
Get the skills you need to find satisfaction as a human in a hyper-connected, distracted world.


What You Get with the Program

• 4 weeks of life-changing habits, research and insight from Dallas Hartwig
• Daily video content and actions you can take in your life 
• Ways to create habit-breaking boundaries that can change your relationship with technology and media
• A content-free week offline that works for your life
• New prosocial behaviors to help create more meaningful social interactions
• Connection to a movement of people who want to look up from their phones and talk with the world
All programs start on a Monday after purchase. You can choose to start on the first upcoming Monday or delay your start date by a few weeks.
You'll get to choose your start date on the Welcome page after you buy the program. 
"No phone in the bedroom is sticking around for good : )  I plan to continue to practicing focused effort (vs multi tasking)  - this concept alone was an eye opener for me."
MSLM Program Member